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Proximal hamstring tendinopathy

Hamstring strains


Pro tips for treating tendon injuries. Tendenopathy is a general term to describe inflammation and microtears in tendons: they are common injuries that can affect many tendons, for example like achilles tendons in runners, elbows in tennis, squash players, and golfers, etc. Treatment options are numerous and vary in their efficacy.   Alex Hutchinson looks at the pros and cons of various treatments in his Globe and Mail column, and examines the issue in his Runner’s World column: The Great Tendinopathy Debate. It seems the most effective option might be “eccentric strengthening,” which is also the least invasive, and the cheapest. Eccentric strengthening involves exercises that contract your muscle as it lengthens. (Alex Hutchinson in Globe and Mail and Runners World).

10 things not to do if you have lower limb tendon pain. Good tips based on the latest research in tendon healing.

Plantar Fasciitis




Updated August 1, 2016

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