APPLES: Selecting, Storing, and Preparing


  • Buy apples that have been kept cold.
  • Look for firm apples; smaller apples may be your best bet, as larger apples tend to ripen more quickly.


  • Store apples in plastic bags in your fridge crisper (apples ripen 8-10 times faster at room temperature). Properly-refrigerated apples can have a shelf life of 90 days or more.
  • Fruit bowl savvy: apples produce ethylene gas while ripening, which could affect fruit stored close to apples (except pineapples, tangerines, and oranges, which aren’t sensitive to ethylene gas).
  • To minimize browning (oxidation), prepare apple dishes just before serving. Protect cut apples by dipping them in a solution of one part citrus juice and three parts water.

Cooking Tips


  • Three medium-sized apples weigh about 1 pound.
  • One pound of apples, cored and sliced, is about 4 1/2 cups.

Which Apples to Choose?


Adapted from Food for Thought: Healing Foods to Savor.

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